Saves up to 40% of the energy needed to heat the shower water

Mineral One®

  • The order is not a measure or a predetermined color, we will contact you to establish the delivery times when manufacturing is normalized and we have ordered a minimum of 500 units.

Mineral One®

  • It can be installed in newly built homes and in bathroom renovations and bathtub-shower changes.
  • Due to its flat design, it is installed as a conventional shower tray, without making holes in the floor, facilitating the use of the shower for people with reduced mobility.

One Krion®

  • Lightweight shower tray made to measure with KRION
  • High-end product with a noble material that gives the shower tray a very sober and elegant aesthetic.
  • It is a high-end material, its appearance has great strength, uniformity and beauty.
  • It has no skin on the outside, nor fibers on the inside.
  • It is not porous.
  • Clean, strong, durable, stain resistant with the warmth of a gorgeous, soft touch.
  • It is resistant to bacteria and fungi, very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The Solid Surface has a high resistance to impacts, perfectly supports daily wear. Its surface is closed and without pores.

Passive Shower® – The Necessary Energy Solution

Such a simple element can help you a lot when it comes to saving in your day to day.
Start saving from the first moment!